Ingrid Shearer

Ingrid is an archaeologist with Northlight Heritage, an independent charity which investigates the past for the benefit of present communities and future generations. She has a particular interest in Govan having contributed to the Govan Burgh Survey and conducted historic walking tours of the area for Doors Open Day. She is currently working on the redisplay of the medieval sculptured stones in Govan Old Church (http://thegovanstones.org.uk). She is really excited to be involved in the project.

'River Patter: Voices of The Clyde' Govan has long been a vibrant, multi-cultural hub. From its early origins as the creative, spiritual, administrative and royal centre of the Kingdom of Strathclyde, Govan has played host to many languages and many voices.

Staged near the site of the ancient assembly point of ‘Doomster Hill’, this action aims to celebrate the many voices of the Clyde, both past and present. It will include speakers and translators of as many languages as we can gather together for the day, creating a ‘Babel’ on The Clyde.


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