'Nothing about us without us is for us – Main Event,'
Saturday 28 April 2012, 1pm – 4pm

You are invited to participate in the public enactment of Nothing about us without us is for us, a public art event where language will be hurled, launched, wafted, and flown from either side of the River Clyde using a variety of obsolete technology. Transmissions will be attempted from both sides of the river. Success is not guaranteed.

Communication methods may include:
Marine signal flags
Lost languages
Trebuchets (catapult/siege engines)
Sea Shanties
String-and-cup telephones
Messages-in-bottles (St. Kilda 'mailboats')
Date: Saturday 28 April

Time: 1pm– 4pm

Place: Govan Waterfront (near Govan Ferry Pontoon – G51 2LH) and in front of The Riverside Museum (100 Pointhouse Place, G3 8RS)

Cost: Free

You are also invited to the Govan waterfront between 20 – 27 April to participate in a variety of events and workshops to construct communication methods and machines. Information about these are listed on our events page – We currently have five events scheduled that are open to everyone (in addition to over 15 that are scheduled for specific groups of folk – mostly our partner organisations), but more are being added, so check the events for updates.

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  1. Rob McCann2/5/12 10:22

    Arrived in Glasgow (Govan)having flew up from Cardiff to visit family. All I can say to everyone who put this event on, well done and many thanks. You gave a lot of pleasure to many, and even inspired us to go home and build our own boat, sadly we didnt get to launch it Sunday as planned. Anyway folks, thankyou again.
    Cardiff Wales