'Stalled Places – A walk through glorious Govan,'
Mon 23 April 2012, 2 – 4pm

'Govan has had two eras of greatness – that is two more than most places'
Prof. Stephen Driscoll
Nothing about us without us is for us presents a public walk through one of Glasgow’s truly iconic neighbourhoods, visiting three historic locations — one residential, one religious, and one industrial –– to investigate the effects of public and private development in Govan, and their impact on placemaking.

The journey will include portions of Govan Road (residential and commercial spaces), Govan Old Church (site of 10th century Norse hogback stones), and the 19th century Govan Graving Docks (now privately owned and derelict). The walk will privilege local knowledge but include more traditional historical information.

Stalled Places is initiated by artist t s Beall and will be led by Helen Kyle, local activist and Director of Scotland-in-Europe, and others.

Date: Monday 23 April 2012, 2 – 4 pm

Place: Meet at The Pearce Institute, 840–860 Govan Road, Govan G51 3UU

Cost: Free

Booking: Places limited to 20.

Booking - please email: aboutuswithoutus@gmail.com


  1. Anonymous31/3/12 11:26

    Hi, How do I book a place for this event?

    1. nothingaboutus1/4/12 22:35

      please send an email to aboutuswithoutus@gmail.com

  2. Anonymous12/4/12 01:17

    Reading this from Brisbane Australia.
    My "Maw and "Da" were from Govan (They got moved out during WWII due to the bombing. I was truly facinated with the information on the timeline. So much rich history of how we evolved as a people. I hope we see more of it. Perhaps Scotland is awakening from a centuries long slumber. If BBC Scotland wanted to spend some money on really educating the people of Scotland, they could make a great series around this. Re-discovering our roots or something like that for the title. Don't kid yersel if you think it's only of local interest. It may be old but it's so refreshing to learn something other than "the Romans in Londinium or the baths of Bath"

  3. Grand to hear from you - it is remarkable how long older stories of Govan have been buried out of sight. You are right that they are long overdue the prominence they deserve....as does our Scottish history generally. I'm glad to report that the BBC have made a series called Great British Stories (which features Govan) that will be begin transmission in June...a response to the undeniable momentum for reclaiming our history - maybe?
    Thanks for your comments about the timeline...did you see the post about the recent Govan 'parliament' when the timeline on this blog was spoken aloud as part of a celebration of the people's story in this place over the last 2000 years - http://www.aboutuswithoutus.com/2012/04/reconvening-govan-parliament.html