Glorious Govan, as part of the GI Festival

Saturday 28 April, 2012
A public art event lead by  artists Matt Baker and t s Beall,  using obsolete technology to hurl language across the River Clyde. A month of activity in the studios and workshops of Govan will culminate in a one-day celebration of the impossibility of communication. Transmissions will be attempted from both sides of the River using smoke signals, string-and-cup telephones, messages-in-bottles, choral serenades, and more…

‘Nothing about us without us is for us’ is a day where the reality of failed communication will be both celebrated and critiqued. It is a project grounded in locally rooted collective action, which acknowledges from the outset the potential futility of our desire for consensus. Envisioned as both action and mini-festival, it employs GI as a lens to critically examine the role of art in the transformation of places, in Glasgow and beyond.

Methods of communication may include:
Semaphore flags
Smoke signals
String-and-cup telephones
Homing pigeons
Messages-in-bottles (2nd Launch of The Govan Armada)
A trebuchet
A choral serenade (groups singing simultaneously, unsynchronised)

Visitors to Glasgow International Festival are invited to the Govan waterfront between 20–27 April to participate in a variety of events and workshops to construct communication methods and machines (listed here). Visitors are also invited to participate in the public enactment of ‘Nothing about us without us is for us’ on Saturday 28 April.

Matt Baker
t s Beall

Alexandra Bowie
Colin Thomas Begg
Fiona Fleming
Geraldine Greene
Grant Leckie
Ingrid Shearer
Jim Ferguson
Kate V Robertson
Martin Campbell
Now Now Girls
Belinda Gilbert-Scott
Sophie Manhire
Steven Anderson
Tam McGarvey

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