156 Refused Refugees Forced into Destitution in Glasgow April 2012

One of the Govan Flags designed and made by Asylum Seekers in Govan as part of NothingAboutUs
Really disturbing news reached us yesterday from people in the group that have been working with Alexandra Bowie to make one of the sets of Govan Flags that will be flown next week as one of the ways of communicating across the river. Please watch the video below which describes the desperate situation that 156 people now find themselves in - these are people who have come to our country because the situation was so desperate in their home country that they needed to flee to safety.

video - here
 A public demonstration has been arranged but the members of the Govan group have little faith in this - suggesting that it is 'always the same people  who go and who hear what they have to say'.....they are very positive, however, about the very different audience that will see their flags in Govan and hear their voice in that way.

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