Down by the Riverside

Christopher Mason - Chair of the Clyde Maritime Trust (owners of the Tallship) with NothingAboutUs signal flags on the Poop Deck of the Tallship
Couple of nice chance encounters down at the Govan Ferry pontoon this morning - Christopher Mason of the Clyde Maritime Trust told me all about the history of the new Govan Ferry and his hopes for the future of this river crossing as a new and vital connection for the city....we talked about the importance of the Govan Stones and other key places in Govan and how the ferry was a vital artery of communication for the future of these.

Juliana Maantay of The City University, New York
Juliana Maantay is a new Fulbright Scholar at Glasgow School of Art - she was been shown around Govan by Julia Radcliffe of GSA, looking at 'leftover' spaces and some community projects. They discovered NothingAboutUs by accident and were very interested by the vision of Glorious Govan ....something for the future maybe

Todays Flags on the Tallship - code here

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