Is it a 'George'?

Jan Patience examines the possible George Wyllie sculpture in the Pearce Institute, Govan
Ever since this sculpture featured in the Govan Raid there has been speculation about its origins and a growing suspicion that it might be by George Wyllie. As part of NothingAboutUs we are staging a film and discussion evening about people, power and protest in Govan....this event is in honour of George Wyllie's 90th birthday.
The Event is called 'Some Questions About Govan - in honour of George Wyllie' and details are here
There is aslo info on the excellent Wyllie Anniversary site - here

If anyone knows anything about the sculpture - please do get in touch by commenting on this post or by emailing aboutuswithoutus@gmail.com........hopefully we will have an answer to reveal as part of our Wyllie event on 1st May

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