The Legendary Salmon of Knowledge

The good folk of Northlight introduced a new character into the mix of NothingAboutUs today - the Salmon of Knowledge - you can read the legend here. Ingrid Shearer is leading the project for Northlight and is busy circulating material from the NothingAboutUs text resources to speakers of a bewildering array of languages from ancient Brythonic to modern Parsi. 

Northlight (and their helpers) will be contributing 'translation stations' on 28thApril at NothingAboutUs:

Govan has long been a vibrant, multi-cultural hub. From its early origins as the creative, spiritual, administrative and royal centre of the Kingdom of Strathclyde, Govan has played host to many languages and many voices. Norse and Pictish influence is literally ‘set in stone’ in the massive hogback monuments, sarcophagus and cross-slabs in Govan Old Church, but the ancient Cumbric tongue of the Strathclyde Britons is preserved in the name Govan itself, meaning ‘small hill’, and in Partick, ‘little grove’. 

Staged near the site of the ancient assembly point of ‘Doomster Hill’, this event aims to celebrate the many voices of the Clyde, both past and present. It will include speakers and translators of as many languages as we can gather together for the day, creating a ‘Babel’ on The Clyde. 

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