Call for Images of 'Nothing about us...' Main Event

Once again thanks to everyone who participated in our Main Event and made it so successful!

Now that the dust has settled we're on the hunt for pictures from the big day, so if you've got any you'd like to share with us then email them to aboutuswithoutus@gmail.com ... or if you're a Flickr user then upload as normal and tag them 'GovanGI'.  Once we've gathered all the pics we'll post them here so everyone can see them... so watch this space!

Also, if you've got any feedback on the event then we'd love to hear from you (thanks for all the lovely emails we've had so far) either by email (aboutuswithoutus@gmail.com) or via the comments below.  What was your favourite bit of the day...?

Lots of people have been asking for copies of the Jim Ferguson stories we had in our wordbanks... one of these was included in our project publication (which you can download for free), and we'll hopefully make the others available soon via the blog.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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