Good Day at the Museum

Riverside Museum and the Tallship photographed from the Southside

Tara and I were invited to present Nothing About Us to the weekly staff meeting at the Riverside Museum on Friday. The Museum has been brilliant so far and the project is beginning to feel really balanced, with a sense that it is a conversation across the water from both sides.
However, we were still a bit anxious about how the project would be received by the entire staff of the Museum. 10 minutes into the meeting a Learning Support person called Catriona piped up....'the museum was gifted a set of marine signal flags a year ago and no-one has really found a use for them'....this led to  a general conversation about ways that we could use the flags to signal across the water by hanging them on the Museum.

t s Beall with one of the donated signal flags in the Museum office
We moved on to the Tallship and had another excellent and inspiring chat with Lisa and Andy from the team.....planning workshops for folk locally and ways that the Tallship itself could be physically involved in the project (more later on that...top ideas from Lisa)

Returning to the Museum it seemed that the staff ahd been thinking about our earlier presentation...people sought us out with ideas. In particular Heather Roberston (Curator 'Communications Collection') had prepared at least three proposals for us of ways that group she was already working with could be part of the project....happy days - more later on this for sure.

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