'Nothing about us without us is for us,'
List of Events

We're excited to announce these events as part of our 'main' event on 28 April, 2012...

Nothing about us without us is for us, is envisioned as a sort of action / happening / community celebration / anti-festival. It is preceded by lots of workshops and tours that involve different groups of folk and institutions in and around Govan – making signal flags, string-and-cup telephones, learning morse code, building model boats from 'redeveloped rubbish', possibly building a catapult (fingers crossed), and more...

There are around 20 workshops and events in total – some of which are organised for specific groups, and others which are open to the public. We'll post images and info about the workshops which are organised for specific groups and organisations as they happen – there are about 20 in total in the lead-up to the big day on the 28th. The workshops and events which are open to everyone are listed here (and on the Glasgow International Festival website). Join us for:

Fri 20 April, 12–3pm
Govan Armada building workshop I

Mon 23 April, 2–4pm
Stalled Places – A walk through glorious Govan

Thurs 26 April, 6–830pm
Govan Armada building workshop II

Sat 28 April, 1–4pm
Nothing about us without us is for usmain event

Tues 1 May, 6–9pm
Some Questions about Govan…in honour of George Wyllie

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