Just a wee bit about the ferry tokens...

In some ways our whole event on Saturday was an attempt to blur the boundary of the River Clyde, to connect up the two sides of the river for a few hours. So we chartered the Clyde Clippers Ferry for 3 hours, and if you were brave or gallus enough to whisper through Kate V. Robertson's string-and-cup telephone, shout out a message in Urdu with Northlight's 'River Patter', or help retrieve the 'charm's from the Trebuchet--you earned your free ferry token for the day!

The grey tokens were made for us by our neighbours at Glasgow Press, who specialise in creating beautiful printed material using traditional printing presses.  There's a wee bit about how they made them on their blog. (Many thanks to Glasgow Press for making these so beautifully and so quickly for us!)

Then, some of the smaller, prettier pieces of flotsam collected by Martin Campbell and crew for the Govan Armada boatbuilding workshops were thoroughly cleaned, chopped into even smaller fragments and glued into the centre of the tokens by volunteers, to create ferry tokens for use on the day.  We strung these onto cords so they could be worn as necklaces and hopefully saved as keepsakes after the event... we think they're mighty fine! 

Phoebe, one of our token-making volunteers, hoping for a lot of free rides on the ferry

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