Expect the Unexpected

Tim Clarkson talking about early Govan at the Pearce Institute last night - photo ts Beall
There we were, about 30 of us, innocently watching Murray and Barbara Grigor's film about George Wyllie (The Why?s man)...then listening to Tim Clarkson's evocation of Govan's Doomster Hill - then Wham! before we knew it we were all pitched into an impassioned collective cry for Govan's history to be recognised in the future. There we were - resolving to make representation to the powers that be....even a community buy-out of Water Row was discussed.

This revolutionary zeal was then further inflamed by Cinema Action's 1971 film about the Upper Clyde Shipbuilder's 'work-in'  UCS1:
Cinema Action filming one of the mass meetings of the UCS work-in
And the evening concluded with 'The Govan Raid' Matt Baker's action staged in July 2011:

The Govan Raid - watch short video here
As @ForTheBurds tweeted later 'Quite a night... expect the unexpected with anything George Wyllie is connected to'

If you are interested to join a movement against the proposed carpark on Govan's iconic Water Row then get in touch via Twitter @GovanBeacon on FaceBook GloriousGovan or by email AboutUsWithoutUs@gmail.com

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