A message from one of the voices of Govan

Writer Ian Pattison

We are honoured to have received this message of support from Govan writer Ian Pattison - best known as the man behind Govan's finest....Mr Rab C Nesbitt:
‘’ It’s great to see people in Govan reclaiming the river in an imaginative way as part of their daily cultural landscape. As kids we would travel on the two ferries, the passenger ferry at the foot of McKechnie Street and the traffic ferry at Water Row, over the ocean to exotic Partick. Back then, the river seemed as busy as Sauchiehall Street. Latterly it’s had all the atmosphere of the average urban underpass. This river deserves to be celebrated. It’s been good to Govan and has earned its moment of veneration. Every rusty rivet or buckled bike dragged up from its silt is a battle scar. Thank you, River Clyde.’’   – Ian Pattison

His Rabness

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